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Mar 21, 2024 | Fashion, Living with STYLE

HARPER'S BAZAAR THAILAND for the February 2024 publication "LIVING WITH STYLE" present an editorial/ interview with Donà brothers:

The life that combines the aesthetics of the past with the present day of CARLO DONÀ DALLE ROSE and MARIA VITTORIA DONÀ DALLE ROSE, two brothers who are descendants of an old noble family of Venice that still continue living in a centuries-old Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose.

Pictures by the photographer Nicolò Novelli, clothes styling curated by Alessia Casà, who dressed MARIA VITTORIA and CARLO, hairstyles were handled by Timur Lattarulo while the make up made by Rossano Fasano. Vanessa Ferreira contributed for the realization of the shooting and create the behind the scene video.

Carlo wears a Dolce & Gabbana suit, Versace ring and earrings,

Maria wears a Dolce & Gabbana feather shirt, Rada' necklace.

Our parents taught us to work hard, promote cultural education, knowledge, and taught us to respect our heritage, but at the same time encouraged us to Create your own life path as well.”



If we look at it, everyone knows it as a 'city of rivers', a city famous for its history and culture. Wealthy and unique people want to travel by boat, but no one knows it better than those who were born, raised, and lived here. The famous family member who ruled Venice since ancient times, such as Carlo Donà Dalle Rose and Maria Vittoria Donà Dalle Rose: the two hottest siblings of the Donà Dalle Rose family, opened the doors to welcome Harper's Bazaar to Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose for a fashion shoot. An exclusive set, the historic palazzo they call 'home' is normally not open to the public like other palazzos in Venice, but A banquet is held on important occasions or only as a venue art exhibition.

The family of Counts Donà Dalle Rose is one of the oldest members of the patrician families in the world, dating back to the Roman Gens Iulia. His direct descendants were Francesco, Leonardo and Nicolò, who held the title of Doge of Venice or supreme ruler of the former Republic of Venice, the Palazzo was designed in Renaissance style architecture. It was built in the 16th century by Leonardo and Nicolo and was passed down through generations to Count Francesco and Countess Chiara, the parents of Carlo and Maria.

“Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose is not just home, but it also reflects the buildings that have historical value. It has been around since the Renaissance and in the past our ancestors used to open the door welcomed important people like Galileo Galilei who had also traveled from Rome. This place is like an odd symbol of our family we have the same privileges,” said Carlo; “living in Venice’s Palazzo, which is also a connection, a legacy from past, Venice is still Venice because of its architecture, culture, history, canals, art and community, which combines the city's rich artistic history,” Maria added.

Dress by Adelbel, heels by Rene' Caovilla, hat by Beretkah.

You can tell that the Donà Dalle Rose family caring on Venice and his history but not only this, it also helps to promote artistic and cultural work in Venice. Countess Chiara Donà Dalle Rose, mother of two both lawyers and members of the committee Administrator of the University of Architecture of Venice, founder of La Fondazione Donà dalle Rose, founder of the BIAS (Biennale of Contemporary Sacred Art), fashion event “The Doge Venice red carpet” and so on for a long time. For more than two decades, they have hosted artists from around the world, and Palazzo have been location for many films, including: The Young Pope by Sorrentino, a famous Italian director, or even Carlo himself was the curator for the “ORBITING MOON” exhibition held at this Palazzo.

“Our parents taught us to work hard, promoted cultural education and knowledge, and taught us to respect our heritage, but at the same time encouraged us to carve a path in life of myself,” says Carlo. “And still living in the Palazzo it is very surreal because it's like we're in a living museum: surrounded by hundreds of years of art and history master class paintings, walls and antique furniture in the palazzo, they tell ancient stories from conquerors, every day looking those wall painting the fight seem like a journey through time, famous artist were very close to our family, many paint and clippings are unknown, these periods are included in the history of art, culture, and the modern era, that represents our family the best.”

“Is something very special and privilege calling this palazzo home,” says Maria, 18, a descendant of Venetian nobles. “For me, it's not just a home, but it is a repository for memories and stories, many and full of spirit. It is a privilege that is too difficult to overcome, you can really evaluate it,” she added.

Left picture: Silk dress from Fendi, bracelets, rings and earrings from Aquazurra.

Right picture: Fendi suit and belt.

Besides calling the Palazzo home The family still views Venice as The home they love too: “For me, Venice is not just a city, but it's idea, the spirit that is in my blood it is a city full of beauty, history and endless inspiration it is a lively city, combining new technology with the charm of history, attract tourists from all over the world,” Carlo said of his home city. He also whispers about the hidden treasures of Venice that you should go to in quiet corners of Dorsoduro, Rialto Market and the peaceful island of Sant'Erasmo for relaxation and avoid people “I always tell my friends who come to Venice to just wander around and relax and you will discover Venice's beautiful secrets.” although Venice is a city full of tourists, Carlo has a way of dealing with it and create relaxation by himself “In the midst of all the noise in Venice, I find my peace by running every morning and watching the city slowly wake up. Art also helps bring calm, just being in a quiet corner of the gallery or listening to music in the La Fenice Opera House relaxes me.”

Maria said that she has a way of creating relaxation as well “I like very much a quiet, solitary stroll at Cannaregio, through narrow, winding walkways and charming canals, where you can witness the life of the neighborhood and I love going to galleries and read books; also places like Murano, Burano, Torcello and Sant'Erasmo.”

In addition, Maria is a new generation, who can live in harmony with the long history of the family very well without being uncomfortable “The Palazzo has elements of the past and present coexisting, it is contemporary, incorporating a timeless classic, we know the Palazzo and preserve its architectural details from the past to preserve its legacy, but at the same time, we also have the style of modern people, interior design with antique and contemporary furniture. Harmony of the area and values of respect for the past, but at the same time, they respect the beauty of the present day: this balance allows the Palazzo to be a repository of history but also able to be used. Life can really be lived and is our comfortable house, making this 'home' both a sanctuary and a living legacy that continues to this day,” she concluded.

Story by Sarita Usahapanich

“Living in a Venetian palazzo is more than just a home is also continuing the legacy, Venice can still be Venice, because of architecture Lifestyle on both sides of the canal, art and community, combined with history. the city's long history"




Thanks to the Donà Dalle Rose Foundation, Giordana Sapienza who supervised the organization of the shooting and to Fabrizio Lionello, location consultant, who contributed to the realization of the shooting.

Special thanks to the landlady Chiara Donà Dalle Rose who, with her splendid heritage, gave a note of class and authenticity to a timeless story that tells the luster and history of a splendid and powerful Venice, which still strongly echoes in the history of Italy.

TEAM CREDITS Photographer: Nicolo’ Novelli @nicolonovelli Model/Talent: Maria Vittoria Donà dalle Rose @maviedonadallerose,
Carlo Donà Dalle Rose @carlodonadallerose

Styling: Alessia Casà @alecasastylist

Make up: Rossano Fasano @rossanofasano

Hair styling: Timur Lattarulo @timurbeautyhair

Photo assistant/Videomaker: Vanessa Ferreira @vanferreiravf

Location Advisor: Fabrizio Lionello @fabriziolionello Shooting Location: Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose (Venice)

Special thanks to: Chiara Donà Dalle Rose

Fondazione Donà Dalle Rose:


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